OraVital® Antibiotic, Antimicrobial and Maintenance Rinses

If your gums show early signs of gum disease and over-the-counter proper oral care products are not helping, you may need a stronger mouthwash than the national brands sold at the drugstore.

Over-the-counter rinses found at your local drug store work best on free-floating bacteria but they cannot predictably penetrate oral biofilms to kill the bad bacteria that cause gum disease.

However, over-the-counter rinses are used after these pathogens are killed to maintain health vs trying to treat the symptoms of infection with weak rinses.

Dental clinicians working in OraVital® Certified Clinics can prescribe an appropriate OraVital antibiotic and antimicrobial rinse followed by a daily OraVital maintenance rinse to kill the pathogenic bacteria and predictably control bleeding /bad breath.

Rinses alone will not control the infection, so we emphasize effective self-care and appropriate diagnosis with new treatment therapies to control the disease.

OraVital® Antibiotic Rinses

Gum disease is a now considered to be a serious medical condition caused by pathogenic bacteria that only dental clinicians can treat. If you have bleeding gums, then the pathogenic bacteria are entering your bloodstream 24/7/365 looking for other sites throughout your body to cause similar infections and inflammation. This can go one for decades.

If you have oral or systemic risks from these bacteria, then an antibiotic may be indicated. Usually it is delivered as an oral pill, but this can cause dangerous changes in your gut bacteria as well as many systemic effects such as yeast and C difficile infections.

A better option is the use of antibiotic rinses which deliver 3,000 times the saliva concentration of antibiotic below the gums and throughout the whole mouth. In fact, because of their low saliva concentration, oral pills often leave dangerous pathogens behind which can re-infect your mouth after their use. Rinses are safer and more effective for most situations.

In these cases, a specially-trained OraVital® Certified Dentist may prescribe a customized particulate antibiotic rinse and spit delivery system that is targeted to destroy the specific harmful bacteria in your mouth. These rinses can reduce both mild to moderate gum disease and halitosis by about 85% in four weeks predictably if you follow the OraVital System.

Periodontal disease or gum disease has spread to more than 75% of the population in North America. If your gums bleed when you brush or clean between your teeth, then you have the beginning of gum disease.

Another symptom of this infection is bad breath, changes in your sense of smell and bad taste. OraVital Antibiotic Rinses are specially prepared to treat all problems – gum disease, bad breath and bad taste.

OraVital Antibiotic Rinses are available by prescription only and destroy the harmful bacteria that cause these infections. When you rinse and gargle for 30 seconds, the rinse penetrates up to 6 mm into the gum pockets, and coats the tongue, throat and the teeth where bacterial biofilms form.

Our antibiotic rinses are used three times a day for two weeks to help heal your gums and can reduce bleeding gums by as much as 87% and bad breath by 80%. If you have any of these symptoms, ask your OraVital Certified Clinic dentist about OraVital Antibiotic Rinses. They are easy to use – you just “swish, gargle and spit.”

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OraVital® Antibiotic Cream

For the treatment of peri-implantitis, denture stomatitis, deep pockets and between-the-teeth odors, OraVital’s Antibiotic/Antifungal cream is highly-effective. This antibiotic cream can be applied by the patient at home to localized areas of inflammation or bleeding for a two-week period until gums heal.

OraVital® Antimicrobial Rinses

The OraVital System also includes the use of a .2% Chlorhexidine maintenance rinse to rebalance healthy bacteria after using the antibiotic rinse. They are formulated to provide an effective adjunct for your patients’ home and office use by controlling the overgrowth of harmful bacteria. You will rinse twice a day for two weeks after finishing the antibiotic rinse.

Often, we will recommend the use of a probiotic after these two rinses are finished to assist in repopulating the mouth with healthy bacteria.

OraVital® Maintenance Rinses

You can use maintenance mouthwashes as part of your daily oral care to keep your gums healthy and your breath fresh. Brush your gums and teeth followed by cleaning between your teeth, then rinse with one of the recommended products below:

  • OraVital®CDLx contains sodium chlorite, which reduces the number of gm negative anaerobic bacteria and the mouth odors that these bacteria produce by affecting bacteria’s ability to metabolize protein. This rinse is available in two forms: regular mint flavor, or non-flavored/non-colored. As an additional benefit, Xylitol is added. Bacteria chose Xylitol over regular sugar but they cannot digest it so they do not thrive so it helps to prevent tooth decay.
  • OraVital®CPCx contains cetylpyridinium chloride, which helps to reduce a wide range of bacteria that cause both tooth decay and gum disease. It weakens the cell wall of bacteria killing them. This rinse also contains Xylitol, for the same reasons.
  • SmartMouth™: This rinse is available in Fresh Mint and Fresh Cinnamon flavors, and is helpful for many people with breath odor problems. This rinse produces a zinc ion that helps stop pathogenic bacteria from absorbing protein and sodium chlorite that combine to stop bacteria from breaking down proteins in your gums and producing smelly gases. The rinse prevents bad breath from coming back for up to 12 hours

OraVital® antibiotic and antimicrobial rinses and antibiotic creams are available by prescription only from your OraVital®  Certified Clinic. You can purchase OraVital® and SmartMouth™ maintenance rinses and other oral care products such as  SmartMouth Whitening Toothpaste with Fluoride and SmartMouth Dry Mouth Relief Mints from your OraVital® Certified Clinic or from www.FreshBreath.ca.