The OraVital® System Results Guarantee

Yes! We are confident about treating gum disease!

The OraVital® System is a patent-pending comprehensive oral health protocol administered exclusively by the specially-trained clinical staff in OraVital® Certified Clinics.

The OraVital System currently provides the most accurate diagnosis and most effective treatment of the oral infections that cause periodontal disease, halitosis and peri-implantitis.

We’re so confident of the predictable and positive results that occur with the authorized and proper application of the OraVital System, that we now offer the industry-leading OraVital® Results Guarantee.

How does the OraVital Results Guarantee work?

Quite simply, The OraVital Results Guarantee states: “When the OraVital System is used as directed by a trained clinician in a participating OraVital Certified Clinic1 on an eligible patient candidate2 who is fully-compliant in following their clinician’s very important treatment recommendations and home care instructions, the patient will experience a measurable improvement3 in their oral health and their degree of oral infection.

How do you define a measurable improvement?

We define measurable improvement as an 80-87% reduction of bleeding on probing and 79-84% reduction in gum pockets that were 6 mm or less at the beginning of therapy.

What if we do not see these results?

In the rare event that these results are not achieved, the patient can be re-tested and re-treated one additional time free of charge, while under the careful guidance of an OraVital® Clinical Coach, who will be assigned to that practice and patient.”

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If you are a dentist and would like full detail regarding the OraVital System Results Guarantee, click here.

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1 Clinic participation in the OraVital Results Guarantee is optional. Ask your local OraVital Certified Clinic if they currently participate in the OraVital Results Guarantee Program.

2 & 3 Please see your participating OraVital Certified Clinic for detailed terms and conditions. Find your nearest participating OraVital Certified Clinic by clicking here.