Who We Are and What We Do

OraVital Inc., is the developer of the comprehensive, patent-pending OraVital® System, which provides the most accurate diagnosis and most effective treatment of the oral infections that cause periodontal disease, halitosis peri-implantitis and the oral-systemic link.

Consisting of unique self care techniques, coaching to implement the system, a proprietary, protocol of advanced microbiology tests; BiofilmDNA™ and BiofilmGS™ (Gram stain), combined with a personalized regimen of prescribed antibiotic/antifungal and antimicrobial rinses, the OraVital System is guaranteed to control gum disease in 90% of the cases in just 4 weeks. *

*These results are based upon a landmark study on 649 patients using the OraVital System. Results of this study were published in “Treatment of oral malodor and periodontal disease using an antibiotic rinse.” By Ken Southward, DDS, FAGD and Anne Bosy, RRDH, MEd, MSc, – General Dentistry, July 2013. Read this study.

Bale & Doneen Webinars

Watch this important two-part webinar as Drs. Bale and Doneen explain the science and clinical application of their recent study that proves periodontal disease causes heart disease. Click to view.

Guaranteed Results

The OraVital System is now guaranteed to predictably control the biofilm and oral infections that cause gingivitis and mild to moderate periodontal disease. Get the full details.

OraVital Certified Clinics

OraVital Certified Clinics are elevating the standard of care, guaranteeing the results of their perio protocol and effectively reducing oral-systemic health risks. Join our growing network!

Guaranteed Results

OraVital is proud to have earned the coveted Dental Product Shopper Recommended Product classification based on a random survey of OraVital Certified Clinics. Read the review.

Guaranteed Results with Unrivaled Oral-Systemic Impact

When used as directed by an OraVital Certified Clinic, the OraVital System is guaranteed to reduce bleeding on probing and reduce gum pockets that were 6 mm before the beginning of therapy by 80%. Click here for the terms of this industry-first guarantee.

The OraVital System is also the only oral infection management protocol on the market that can predictably diagnose and treat oral-systemic health risks including the number one cause of death and disability; heart attacks and strokes.

Read the latest research written by Drs. Bale, Doneen and Vigerust and published in the British Medical Journal that clearly states that periodontal disease pathogens are an independent cause of atherosclerosis.  Watch the two-part on-demand webinar presented by Dr. Bradley Bale & Dr. Amy Doneen that examines this study in greater detail.

Shouldn’t your dental practice elevate the standard of care and become an OraVital Certified Clinic? To request more information or schedule a free consultation, click here.