Biofilm Diagnostics

The OraVital® Microbiology Lab – Biofilm Diagnostics™

Do you have patients with periodontal disease, bad breath, or some other evident or potential symptoms of oral infection? Take a biofilm sample and send it to Biofilm Diagnostics.  The detailed report you receive will accurately determine the extent of the infection and will be an invaluable guide for successful treatment.  Our microbiologists are knowledgeable in both periodontal and caries pathogens.

Although there are several hundred species of bacteria present in the oral cavity, most of these are harmless and maintain a symbiotic relationship with our immune system. However, there are many species that are highly pathogenic.

These pathogenic species can cause harm to the tissues, thereby creating a serious inflammatory response that reverberates through many of the organs in the body. One alarming fact is the connection between these bacteria and cardiovascular disease. In fact, new research published by Dr. Bradley Bale, Dr. Amy Doneen and Dr. David Vigerust states that periodontal pathogens must be considered to be an independent, contributory cause of cardiovascular disease. Read the researchWatch our webinars.

The BiofilmDNA™ Test: The Most Advanced Measurement of Oral Pathogens

OraVital’s Biofilm Diagnostics Lab is one of the first and one of the few dental-focused bio specimen labs to use Q-PCR (Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction) technology for identifying bacteria present in the oral cavity.

Q-PCR is a specific, sensitive, and quantitative method of accurately measuring the number of targeted species within an individual oral biofilm, as this method is able to detect even a single bacterial cell.

Q-PCR technology is used to analyze biofilm samples taken with OraVital’s flagship diagnostic tool, the BiofilmDNA test, which provides highly accurate DNA analysis of salivary, subgingival, subgingival and tongue/throat samples taken via paper points and a wiping pad.

The BiofilmDNA™ Test: All Salivary DNA Tests Are NOT Created Equal!

Unlike swish and spit tests, OraVital’s BiofilmDNA Test provides a whole mouth picture of your patients’ oral health. It is very important to test the throat and tongue because these reservoirs contribute to re-infections after gum care/implant placement. What’s more, this comprehensive test identifies the following bacteria:

  • The Red Complex contains some of the most harmful opportunistic pathogens – Treponema denticola, Porphyromonas gingivalis and Tannerella forsythia.
  • Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans – aggressive bacteria that have been implicated in destructive periodontitis and causally for many systemic diseases such as CVD.
  • Two bacteria from the Orange Complex: Pepto streptococcus micros and Fusobacteria nucleatum, key components of pathogenic biofilm.
  • Streptococus mutans – a species of bacteria that are responsible for the initiation of carious lesions
  • Candida albicans – this fungus is frequently detected along with (heavy) periodontal infection with S. mutans in plaque biofilms and is also responsible for causing severe early childhood decay as well. It forms a reservoir in the oral cavity that leads to candidiasis and other lesions in the soft tissue which allows periodontal pathogens to easily enter the tissues through these wounds. This species is also detected at peri-implantitis sites co-colonized with other pathogens.

See how OraVital’s BiofilmDNA™ compares with the competition. Download our comparison chart.

The BiofilmGS™ Test: Site Specific Gram Stain Analysis

BiofilmGS6™: 6 individual site specific Gram stain analysis that provides information about biofilm on the tongue base, tongue dorsum, and the 4 oral quadrants.

Once you receive your patient’s BiofilmDNA or BiofilmGS report from OraVital’s Biofilm Diagnostics Lab, you’ll also have the option of treating your patient with a recommended targeted antibiotic (rinse and spit not oral pills) with the comprehensive patent-pending OraVital® System – the most effective, professional strength oral infection control protocol available. Our BiofilmDNA and BiofilmGS are the least expensive and only tests to give a whole mouth analysis.

Attention New York State residents: A laboratory analyzing medical specimens shipped from New York State must hold a New York State Department of Health certificate. There may be potential penalties for you if you send bio samples to a lab that does not have New York State certification.

Currently, there are no New York State certified labs that analyze OraVital Gram Stain or DNA test samples.  As a Canadian company, we are able to analyse all samples sent to us.   However, we do not want to put you at risk and wish to make you aware of the situation.  We are planning to open a US lab in the future and are considering NYS as a location.