The OraVital® System: 5 Steps to Oral Health


The patent-pending OraVital System is a predictable, safe, easy, painless, and highly effective in the treatment of gum disease and bad breath as well as breaking the link between gum disease bacteria and conditions such as heart attacks, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

In fact, we guarantee results! It does include using an antibiotic to control the harmful bacteria BUT it is in a rinse and spit form so there are no systemic side effects. Here’s how it works:

When you visit an OraVital® Certified Clinic, the dentist or dental hygienist will examine your mouth for any visible dental problems. He or she will also ask about your medical history to determine if you have any medical conditions or risk factors that could contribute to gum disease and/or breath odor.

Next, your dental clinician will follow the OraVital System’s five steps:

1) Evaluation

Your OraVital® Certified Clinician will conduct multiple objective tests to determine health or disease that includes biofilm disclosing, measuring gum pockets and recording bleeding on probing.

After examining the clinical results of the tests mentioned above and your medical/dental/family history, your dentist or hygienist may recommend microbial sampling to determine which bacteria are causing the infection and the risk they pose to you. The BiofilmDNA testing is conducted in the following manner:

Using a swab, the dental clinician will take samples of bacteria from around your gums, tongue, saliva and throat. These are sent to The OraVital laboratory, which conducts a microbial analysis to identify any harmful bacteria that are causing gum disease, halitosis and potentially putting you at risk for a variety of medical conditions.

2) Treatment

To get and stay healthy your dental professional will recommend some unique self care techniques to disturb and disrupt the harmful bacteria so you can stay healthy after treatment as well as necessary dental care to provide an environment you can maintain.

If the report indicates there are harmful microorganisms in your mouth that are causing gum and/or breath problems, the dentist will an OraVital Antibiotic and an OraVital Antimicrobial Rinse that are specifically-targeted to killing the germs causing your infection.

The antibiotic rinse targets the harmful bacteria and the antimicrobial re-balances the biofilm after antibiotic use.

3) Re-Evaluation

Following initial treatment, you will have another dental checkup to evaluate your gums and/or breath by comparing before and after results.

4) Maintenance

Regular professional dental hygiene appointments and good oral home care will help you maintain a healthy mouth. Along with regular brushing and cleaning between your teeth, using a OraVital Maintenance Rinse recommended to control your type of bacteria will be recommended for use daily, will help to prevent recurring breath and gum problems.

5) Monitor

Be sure to schedule regular appointments with your OraVital Certified Clinic to check for bleeding or other gum problems. We recommend additional OraVital microbial testing if you continue experiencing gum or bad breath issues.

If harmful bacteria are increasing, your infection could return. It’s easier to address any potential problems before this happens.

We know your health and self-confidence are important to you! The OraVital System has an average clinical success rate of 85% in treating bad breath and mild to moderate gum disease.

What’s more, when used as directed by a participating OraVital Certified Clinic, these results are guaranteed. Read about The OraVital® Results Guarantee

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