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When it comes to achieving optimal oral health, and reducing oral-systemic health risks, OraVital is a rapidly-growing innovator and a newsmaker. Here are just a few examples of OraVital news releases that have been “picked up” by the dental trade media. Check this page often for the latest OraVital announcements.



There is an old saying, “publish or perish" and based on this, OraVital is the picture of health. Not only are company’s principals in demand as authors on a wide variety topics regarding the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease and oral-systemic links, other well-known writers frequently refer to OraVital when writing about similar topics. In addition, more and more authors are sharing their positive experiences with the OraVital® System in case studies they’ve written featuring their own patients.


"Nutrition and Bad Breath: We Are What We Eat"

By Anne Bosy, RDH, MEd, MSc                                                                                   

"The Oral-Systemic Science: Emerging Evidence of a Strong Relationship”

By Anne Bosy, RDH, MEd, MSc                                                                                   

"Pediatric Halitosis and Tonsil Stones"

By Jim Hyland, DDS

(Free subscription registration required)

“PANDAS: A Story of Molecular Mimicry”

by Anne Bosy, RDH, MEd, MSc

OraVital® System Product Review

by The editorial staff

“The OraVital® System: A Paradigm Shift in the Treatment of Periodontal Disease”

by Kerry Hyland-Lepicek, RDH


Securing Success: Immediate Denture & Implant Solutions Symposium

November 24 & 25, 2017
Delta Hotel by Marriott Toronto

Failkoff Dental Study Club

February 14, 2018

Laterna Restaurant 47-20 Bell Blvd.

Bayside, New York


Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting

April 26 – 28, 2018
Metro Toronto Convention Centre,
South Building