OraVital System Webinars


How the OraVital System Results Guarantee Can Boost

Positive Patient Outcomes and Increase Your Bottom Line

Thursday, October 26th @ 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM EST


Presented by OraVital Inc. CEO, Jim Hyland, DDS
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This dynamic webinar by Dr. Hyland will provide a detailed overview of the ground-breaking OraVital System Results Guarantee.

Here it is in a nutshell:

"When used as directed by a dentist or hygienist working in a participating OraVital® Certified Clinic, the patent-pending OraVital® System will predictably control the oral infections that cause gingivitis and mild to moderate periodontal disease."*

* Terms and conditions to be explained.

This presentation is free to OraVital Certified Clinics and also for those who may still be on the fence about becoming trained and certified on the OraVital System.

This webinar is geared for the entire dental team and will cover the following topics:

  • An overview of The OraVital System
  • How will your patient benefit?
  • How will your practice benefit?
  • Why are we offering a guarantee?
  • How can we offer a guarantee?
  • How do we measure results?
  • What are the terms and conditions?
  • The oral-systemic health relevance
  • How to explain this concept to your patients and local media

Can you guarantee the results of your perio protocol? For the sake of your patients' health and your practice's bottom line, you should attend this webinar!

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Stop Periodontal Disease in 4 Weeks!

Presented by: Dr. Jim Hyland, DDS, BSc and Kerry Lepicek, RDH

Patients don't understand why bleeding in the mouth is linked to their overall health. This webinar provides an opportunity to reinvent your hygiene program focusing on wellness and health.

Discussing the oral systemic link with patients who have diabetes, heart disease and a family history of Alzheimer's can be difficult. Learn easy ways to use this information to motivate your patient to health.

Join our webinar and learn verbal skills and techniques to stop gingivitis and early to moderate periodontal disease in 4 weeks, with a 90% or better success rate.

Learn how to use disclosing and the Papillary Bleeding Score to demonstrate infection and emotionally move patients to ask "How do I stop the bleeding?" vs. "Does my insurance cover it?". This approach overcomes all financial objections and leads the practice towards periodontal hygiene appointments and away from bloody prophies.

During this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Reinvent the hygiene appointment so it is focused on health and wellness vs. procedures provided
  • Get patients to start brushing their gum line vs. their teeth
  • Use alternatives to floss that are more effective and that patients will use to control their disease
  • Explain how patients catch and spread periodontal disease
  • Link your patients’ systemic health to their gum condition
  • Use antibiotic mouth rinses to control gingivitis, periodontal disease and breath odor
  • Explain why microbial testing is recommended and used to plan your treatment to help control pathogenic bacteria
  • Use BiofilmDNA™ analysis to identify patients' periodontal and caries risk
  • Use re-evaluation appointments to increase patient compliance

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Predictably Control the High-Risk Pathogens that Cause Periodontal Disease

Presented by Jim Hyland, DDS, BSc,

Webinar Description:

Drs. Bradley Bale‎/Doneen/Vigerust wrote in the British Medical Journal November 2016 “high risk periodontal pathogens cause heart attacks.”

“‎It means PD due to these high-risk microbes must be treated effectively to reduce the risk of ASVD. The definition of PD must include a diagnosis of the specific underlying pathogens causing the PD”.

‎Understand what these statements mean now that periodontal disease is proven to be a medical condition and what it means for the future of dentistry.

Dr. Bale guarantees his results: “I guarantee you will not have a heart attack while you are under my care or I will refund your money.” We in dentistry can do the same for periodontal disease if we change our approach! ‎

Learning Objectives

  • Discover why our present techniques actually contribute to periodontal disease progressing. Change is required. ‎
  • Develop a standardized diagnosis and treatment protocol based on you patient’s medical/dental/family history, active disease and current clinical condition.
  • Learn the most effective way to present the disease to your patients in order for them to accept responsibility for their health
  • Understand the need to eliminate and control oral pathogens and learn the most effective method to achieve this.
  • Review the information that oral biofilm testing provides and the importance of these tests in providing an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Discover how to present a treatment plan based on the results of these tests‎.
  • Learn how to link and recommend ‎various antibiotics, delivery methods and maintenance rinses to the clinical signs of periodontal disease and the pathogens identified in the biofilm reports.

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Pink in the Sink is Health Down the Drain

Presented by Jim Hyland, BSc, DDS

Webinar Description

Despite dentistry’s current standard of care, more than 75% of dental patients have some form of periodontal disease. Despite decades of following conventional wisdom and status quo protocols, periodontal disease is not being accurately diagnosed nor effectively treated in the typical dental office.

What’s more, the inflammatory properties of periodontal disease have been linked to a wide variety of serious medical conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, arthritis, diabetes, low birth weight babies, Alzheimer’s disease and several types of cancer including pancreatic and lung cancers.

That’s why it is imperative for patients to recognize in no uncertain terms that “Pink in the Sink is Health Down the Drain” and why it is critical for dental clinicians to adopt a new disruptive protocol that can finally diagnose and treat periodontal disease in an effective and predictable manner.

In fact, we can now stop periodontal disease in 90% of our patients in just 4 weeks! This webinar will explain how to implement this innovative new protocol and how to achieve this urgently needed elevated standard of comprehensive health care.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the present state of periodontal disease in North America and discuss reasons why this disease is on the increase.
  • Provide a medical model for diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease.
  • Demonstrate verbal skills that lead patients to accept interceptive care with a response to “how do I stop the bleeding.”
  • Discuss DNA analysis as a prerequisite for successful periodontal disease diagnosis and treatment.
  • Underline the significance of “bleeding gums” with respect to overall health.

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