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Oral Infections are linked to Lung Infections

Oral Infections are linked to Lung Infections

Elderly individuals, whether at home or in care centres, are at particular risk for developing pneumonia because they tend to have poor oral hygiene and often insufficient saliva to wash away the bacteria and dead cells. This increases the likelihood that harmful bacteria will inadvertently be inhaled into the lungs. The risk is even greater if they are hospitalized.

Researchers have linked the back of the tongue and throat as a reservoir for bacteria that are associated with pneumonia. Poor oral hygiene is a major risk factor for respiratory tract infection in frail elderly people and other susceptible individuals.

It has been demonstrated that just simply brushing the teeth for these elderly individuals in nursing homes can prevent 1 in 10 deaths from pneumonia.

Clearly the mouth is the "gateway" to the rest of the body. This means that anyone with an oral infection - eg bleeding gums, halitosis, gum disease etc - is at a much higher risk for more serious problems involving the entire body. Therefore the best way to stay healthy is to control and eliminate oral infection with OraVital treatment.

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