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Oral Infections - What you need to know

Oral Infections - what you need to know

Did you know that gingivitis and periodontitis are oral infections that may affect 75% of adults and kids?  You may not be aware that these and other oral infections can affect your overall health.

Gingivitis as an infection can be so mild that you may not even be aware that you have it.  But even mild gingivitis must be taken seriously because it can easily lead to the next stage of infection, or periodontitis.

Bacteria commonly found in the mouth grow and multiply until the chemicals that they produce begin to destroy the tissues around the teeth.  Initially there is bleeding and inflammation.  If not controlled, this destruction continues until the small threads or ligaments that hold each tooth in place become weak or broken - resulting in periodontal pockets and recession of the gums around the infected teeth.

When oral bacteria are out of balance, the whole body is affected.

Oral health is a very important key to systemic, or body health.  Bleeding and inflammation in the mouth opens the way for oral bacteria to enter the bloodstream and spread throughout the body.

Oral infection can also occur in other ways.  Even without any sign of gum disease - in what appears to be a dentally healthy mouth - anerobic bacteria can grow out of control, changing the normal bacterial balance.  When this happens, the over-populated bacteria produce bad-smelling gases resulting in a condition of persistent halitosis (bad breath). Once out of balance, the bacteria tend to stay that way even with the best oral hygiene.  Chemical byproducts of these bacteria can break down the oral tissue, gaining access to the bloodstream and the entire body.

Until now, no effective treatment existed for oral infections like gum disease and halitosis.  If you have a concern about oral infection, get a microbiology screening test done at a certified OraVital® Clinic.  

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