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OraVital's Top Ten Tips for Fresher Breath

Everyone can have breath issues from time to time without knowing why. Here are the facts, and some helpful tips that can really make a big difference!

What is halitosis?

Most people believe that all bad breath is due to poor oral hygiene. And it's true that a lack of proper home care technique can definitely contribute to a less than fresh oral aroma. But oral health professionals now know that most people with persistent breath odour are meticulous with their oral hygiene and have minimal or no bleeding, indicating healthy gums. So - why the stinky breath?

Chronic breath odour, aka halitosis, is almost always caused by an imbalance of harmful oral bacteria. You could even have a breath problem and not be aware of it, because the same bacteria-produced chemicals that cause odour also reduce your sense of smell and/or taste. In these cases, easy and effective treatment is available from OraVital.

OraVital® Top Ten Tips for Fresh Breath

All of these tips will help but not "cure" breath odour, if the cause is from harmful oral bacteria. If you have a breath odour concern, an OraVital® Certified Clinic trained in breath odour treatment can help!

Until now, no effective treatments existed for oral infections like gum disease and halitosis.  If you have a concern about your oral health, get an oral microbiology screening test done at a OraVital® Certified dental clinic.  

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