Oravital - professional treatment for gum disease, bad breath, halitosis, gingivitis, periodontitis
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Selected press & published articles

AORTA magazine "The Oral-Systemic Link: Dentists have a responsibility to inform their patients"
by Anne Bosy

AORTA magazine
February 2011
Oral Health - Canada's Leading Dental Journal "A Healthy Mouth in a Healthy Body" -- Editorial

Oral Health: Canada's leading dental journal
December 2010
Oral Health - Canada's Leading Dental Journal "The Oral-Systemic Science: Emerging Evidence of a Strong Relationship"
by Anne Bosy

Oral Health: Canada's leading dental journal
December 2010
Oral Health - Canada's Leading Dental Journal "The Oravital® System: A Paradigm Shift in the Treatment of Periodontal Disease"

Oral Health: Canada's leading dental journal
December 2010
National Post - Oral Health issue Oravital® System feature

National Post Oral Health special section (Media Planet)
March 2010
CheckUP Magazine "Good News for Bad Breath: A Paradigm Shift for Dentistry"
by Anne Bosy

CheckUP Magazine
March/April, 2009
MORE Magazine “Grin and Bear it - What's behind that smile is closer to the heart”

MORE Magazine
Spring, 2009
ELLE Magazine “Fresh Air”

ELLE Magazine
Spring, 2009
Toronto Star "Bad-breath clinic busts even the tough cases"

Toronto Star
October 20, 2007
Sunday Sun "Bad breath buster"

Sunday Sun
August 6, 2006
Canadian Living "Fresh Breath Ahoy!"

Canadian Living
July 2006
Metro News [Toronto] "Bad breath fouls up careers"

Metro News [Toronto]
March 21, 2006
Reader's Digest "Just too... embarrassing"

Reader's Digest
August 2004
glow magazine "Breathe Easy"

glow magazine
Oct/Nov 2003
Beautiful Teeth "Whew! Bad Breath..."

Beautiful Teeth
Premiere Issue/ Summer 2003
elevate magazine "Beating the bad breath blues"

elevate magazine
New Year 2003
The Globe and Mail "Take my breath away. Please!"

The Globe and Mail
August 6, 2002
elevate magazine "Breathing Easy: the Fresh Breath Clinic will take your (bad) breath away"

elevate magazine
Summer 2002
Canadian Living "The Oral Hex"

Canadian Living
October 1997
The Ottawa Citizen "Stress causes chronic bad breath"

The Ottawa Citizen
April 18, 1997
The Simcoe Reformer "Horrible halitosis"

The Simcoe Reformer
April 10, 1997
The Globe and Mail "How to breathe easier over your breath"

The Globe and Mail
December 18, 1996
Chatelaine "Do you smell?"

November 1996
Cosmopolitan "Worried about dragon breath?"

Fall/Winter 1996
Chatelaine "A breath of fresh air"

June 1996
Toronto Sun "New Toronto clinic offers sweet news for halitosis sufferers"

Toronto Sun
February 1, 1996
Toronto Star "Bad breath clinic boasts the sweet smell of success"

Toronto Star
March 24, 1994
Healthwatch Magazine "Holy Halitosis!"

Healthwatch Magazine
Winter 1992