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Thank you for your interest in OraVital! Completing this form will provide you with preliminary contact about upgrading your practice with the OraVital® System so you can predictably control the oral infections that cause the oral systemic link, periodontal disease, halitosis and peri-implantitis – Guaranteed!

Achieve accuracy in diagnosing oral infections such as periodontal diseases and halitosis via whole mouth microbial analysis with BiofilmDNA™ or BiofilmGS™ site specific testing (gram stain). Knowing which bacteria are causing the infection enables you to develop more effective treatment plans!

Avoid Antibiotic Side Effects. OraVital’s patent-pending particulate antibiotic rinses are an effective alternative to antibiotic pills delivering 3-4,000 X the saliva concentration of systemic pills. Patients prefer rinses which are far more effective than oral pills for the control of most oral infections without systemic effects.

Balance the WHOLE Oral Biofilm. A stable oral ecosystem will result in healthy gingival and periodontal tissues. This will ensure success for after periodontal treatment, implants, crowns, bridges and other high-end restorative work.

Restore Your Patients’ Oral and General Health. When periodontal pathogens are controlled, you also break the oral systemic link. Prevent potential microbial systemic invasion. The information linking oral to systemic health is increasingly conclusive.

Here some more benefits of becoming an OraVital Certified Clinic:

  • OraVital offers ongoing coaching to help you implement this complementary system into your existing protocol. It can be difficult to implement any new system, so we offer personal coaching to ensure that you can do it successfully.
  • Well run practices see a 50% increase in hygiene services when OraVital is introduced properly. Not only do your patients get healthy predictably but you achieve a quick and significant ROI.
  • Separate your practice from the competition by offering new services and being able to predictably treat periodontal infections – We can help you stop doing bloody prophies, offer breath care and get your patients to say yes to your recommended care.

Attract new patients when your practice is listed on the OraVital website referring patients to your location. OraVital is becoming recognized by patients as the new standard of care for treating periodontal disease, breath odor and breaking the oral systemic link. Now they can find your practice.

Remember, patient satisfaction leads to increased patient loyalty and confidence in your practice.

Become a Certified OraVital Clinic! 

Note: To ensure quality control and OraVital® System Protocol compliance, there is a training and certification fee required for becoming an OraVital Certified Clinic. 

Attention New York State dental practices: A laboratory analyzing medical specimens shipped from New York State must hold a New York State Department of Health certificate. There may be potential penalties for you if you send bio samples to a lab that does not have New York State certification.

Currently, there are no New York State certified labs that analyze OraVital Gram Stain or DNA test samples.  As a Canadian company, we are able to analyse all samples sent to us.   However, we do not want to put you at risk and wish to make you aware of the situation.  We are planning to open a US lab in the future and are considering NYS as a location.