There is an old saying, “publish or perish" and based on this, OraVital is the picture of health. Not only are company’s principals in demand as authors on a wide variety topics regarding the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease and oral-systemic links, other well-known writers frequently refer to OraVital when writing about similar topics. In addition, more and more authors are sharing their positive experiences with the OraVital® System in case studies they’ve written featuring their own patients.


"Nutrition and Bad Breath: We Are What We Eat"

By Anne Bosy, RDH, MEd, MSc                                                                                   

"The Oral-Systemic Science: Emerging Evidence of a Strong Relationship”

By Anne Bosy, RDH, MEd, MSc                                                                                   

"Pediatric Halitosis and Tonsil Stones"

By Jim Hyland, DDS

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“PANDAS: A Story of Molecular Mimicry”

by Anne Bosy, RDH, MEd, MSc

OraVital® System Product Review

by The editorial staff

“The OraVital® System: A Paradigm Shift in the Treatment of Periodontal Disease”

by Kerry Hyland-Lepicek, RDH

News Releases

When it comes to achieving optimal oral health, and reducing oral-systemic health risks, OraVital is a rapidly-growing innovator and a newsmaker. Here are just a few examples of OraVital news releases that have been “picked up” by the dental trade media. Check this page often for the latest OraVital announcements.


Securing Success: Immediate Denture & Implant Solutions Symposium

November 24 & 25, 2017
Delta Hotel by Marriott Toronto

Failkoff Dental Study Club

February 14, 2018

Laterna Restaurant 47-20 Bell Blvd.

Bayside, New York


Ontario Dental Association Annual Spring Meeting

April 26 – 28, 2018
Metro Toronto Convention Centre,
South Building