OraVital - professional treatment for gum disease, bad breath, halitosis, gingivitis, periodontitis
About OraVital

About OraVital®


OraVital Inc. was established in the fall of 2007. The company licenses proprietary technology called the OraVital® System to dental clinics for the most advanced, effective and painless diagnosis and treatment of oral infections available today.

Previously, infections causing gum disease and bad breath have been difficult to diagnose and treat. The science of OraVital® evolved from 17 years of ground-breaking research and successful clinical treatment by Anne Bosy, co-founder of Toronto's Fresh Breath Clinic (1993-2007). Dr. Walter Loesche, who was a respected authority on periodontal disease treatment at the University of Michigan, validated the effectiveness of the antibiotic therapy developed by Anne Bosy.

The OraVital® System is based on identifying the cause of oral infection through microbial analysis and tests for bleeding gums. Treatment includes a customised antibiotic rinse used for a two-week period, accompanied by proper home oral care. The OraVital® System is highly effective in eliminating mild to moderate gum disease and bad breath in most cases.

We provide a comprehensive, dynamic and scientifically grounded training program to our clinics. OraVital® Certified dental professionals are experts in providing OraVital® diagnostic analysis, individualised treatment, and dedicated long-term support.

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