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Kids & Oral Infection

Kids & Oral Infection


Parents make a significant contribution to the child's bacterial population. This transference is unavoidable, but being aware of this fact is essential.

75% of children may already have harmful periodontal bacteria.

Since we know that up to 75% of adults have some form of gum disease, and that parents naturally transfer their oral bacteria to their kids, it's not surprising that clinical studies have detected periodontal bacteria in a similar percentage of children. In a study of 150 children (ages 2 to 18), 86% were found to have harmful bacteria under the gumline.

Studies show that children whose parents have these bacteria are 10 times more likely to have them too. The risk increases for children whose parents have clinical evidence of periodontitis. Periodontal bacteria reside in periodontal pockets and in oral biofilm. These bacteria are spread from person to person through everyday family life.

What can I do to keep my kids healthy?

Treatment to control these bacteria is available at OraVital® Clinics. It is recommended that everyone in the family should be treated. Once treatment is completed, staying on a maintenance system is necessary to prevent the infection from returning.

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