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Oral Biofilm: Smart Bacteria in Your Mouth!

Oral Biofilm: Smart Bacteria in Your Mouth!

For many years we referred to the sticky substance formed on our teeth as plaque. The new word for this substance is biofilm.

Biofilms are very sophisticated systems and dental plaque is a classic biofilm. Oral biofilms are found on the teeth, on the tongue, the cheek tissues and on all mucous membranes of the oral cavity.

Where does biofilm come from?

Development of a biofilm in the oral cavity begins with pioneer bacteria that form in the mouth of newborn infants. The infant gets its first group of bacteria from the caregiver, usually the mother. Bacteria from the air and from other people around the infant make up the rest of the population. How quickly these microorganisms will grow in the infant's mouth and body depends on the genetic structure of the child, the immune system and nutrition.

Biofilms and Oral Infection

Bacteria work well together and are beneficial to us if they are controlled through good oral hygiene and dental care. When groups of harmful bacteria become more dominant we begin to see conditions such as gingivitis and periodontitis develop. Sometimes there is no visible oral infection but there may be odours or unpleasant taste that are symptoms of halitosis (persistent bad breath). These are also signs of oral infection.

OraVital® treatments are specially formulated to target specific groups of oral bacteria and are highly effective in eliminating those responsible for oral infection. Because OraVital® Clinics use microbial analysis to identify which bacteria are out of balance, we can target them very successfully.

OraVital® maintenance systems help you to continue to effectively control oral bacteria, keeping them at healthy levels and in balance.

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